Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dance Fever

Some of my favorite dance pieces... kudos to Tyce Diorio and Mia Michaels
... choreo like this reminds me of why I love dance so much ...

Shoe Mania

These are the flyest shoes I've seen in a minute... I'm in love!

Available at Nieman Marcus:
Christian Louboutin button flannel bootie $995
Prada Ankle Strap Bootie $850
Casadei Oxford Pattent Bootie $720
Fendi Cut Out Bootie $785
Casadei Leather and Suede Ankle Boot (Aqua) $920

... my birthday is in October and I wear a 7.5 if anybody want to donate a pair lol!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne dies at age 92

I never blog, but as a dancer and woman of color I couldnt let this opportunity pass me by. Lena Horne did it all and if not for her talent and pereseverance none of us women of color who even THINK about being in the entertainment business would be accepted as readily as we are now. 92 years of elegance and excellence. I thank you Lena Horne for your inspiration.

Monday, June 8, 2009

This BuLLsh*t...

These tramps @ work did NOT write me up for bein late on a day I told them I couldn't work!Are you serious?!? I bust my ass for this job that I hate... gettin disrespected daily, hurting my body, gettin paid less than what I deserve, not bein able to make ends meet, not bein allowed to change my schedule to get a 2nd job OR go back to school and you think I'm gonna accept that and still work there and be happy about it daily??? PLEASE! These hoes better be glad I have a child to feed or please believe I would dissapear on them and not care! I should tattoo a bullseye on my ASS for them to kiss... ugh. Hoes!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Protect me from what I want...

Again I say, I never blog.... but some things are just too big for my brain to hold and they have to get out... In my previous blog about relationships, you can see that no matter how in love I may be, I must not know how to be HAPPY and just live there... Im the type to overanalyze EVERYTHING and when you are the kind of person who has so many emotions about everything as it is, its really hard to know if the decisions that are being made are emotionally driven or if they are what really is logically best for me. That being said, I'm at a crossroads, do I stay where I am, and be happy with most of the situation, or do I take a deep breath and try to make myself a better woman for myself, my child and my potential future husband? The bible says that you must be one whole stable individual before you even think about being in a union with another person and I'm trying to work toward that goal... I refuse to be content with mediocrity, I know I was created for more than that but I cant focus on the fundamentals and juggle the luxuries as well... maybe Im trying to punish myself for being out of order and doing things outside of God's will, maybe I selfishly just want to do me for a minute, maybe Im afraid to allow this seedling to turn into a gorgeous garden of flowers... I dont know, but my heart is heavy and my head is spinning...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So I Never Use This Thing...

I never write on this blog... like ever... why? Bekuz I don't have a laptop and the one computer in the house is upstairs so I never take my lazy butt up the stairs... yea, I know... I'm a bum.

- I still work at Target ( I got slapped in the head by a special needs shopper the other day)

- Talia is now 6 months old and started trying to crawl on her knees yesterday (no more army crawlin for my lil inch worm)

- I cut my hair (look at the pic, yea I'm cute)

- I still have no car... Lord, you know the desires of my heart, so if you're hiding a bmw or a lexus for me I would like to have it soon please)

- I need a personal trainer, bekuz I need to lose like 15 pounds before the summer hits... just puttin that out there

-umm.... yea thats about it... Thank You and GoodDay...

p.s. on Easter it's my 1 1/2 year anniversary with Zyaire... Wow

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...

Sooo, this is the first year that I have worked on a "Black Friday", I'm usually at home avoiding all the idiots and yahoos on the road. Somehow, this year, I get stuck working at the bullseye no less... let me first say... if you are the person who camps outside of stores so you can be there at 5 or 6 in the morning GET A FRICKIN JOB YOU LOSER ASS FOOL! Its too cold for that! And who are you to complain that there are too many people in the store... your dumb ass wanted to come today, you deal with it! Dont get mad at me, I work here I HAVE to be here today, you can go home if you'd like... why do old people ask you a question and then tell you your answer is wrong? Dont ask me if you think you know all the answers "Inez" (IDK, sounded like an old lady's name)...I swear I got run over by more carts today by guests than I ever have by a kid I was shopping with or myself on accident. WHO INVENTED BLACK FRIDAY? SMH... never again...